ODBC Pathway
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ODBC Pathway

This component (Currently being developed on Windows only) comprises two servers which listen on port 9628/TCP for client connections - One is implimented as a Windows service, the other as a standalone server running as a Tray Application. When a connect is accepted, the client sends an XML document conforming to the ODBC Pathway Protocol. The server interprets the request and executes the requested ODBC queries. The response is sent back to the client as an XML document (as defined in the Protocol) and the connection is mutually closed.


This library contains the connection and interpreter routines as used by either a client or server on either Windows or Un*x.

PHP Client

This library is a PHP extension module which provides a PHP interface to the ODBC Pathway client library ODBC Link (above).

Zope Data Query Kit

This module is a Zope product which provides several database-centric Zope Objects, including zero SQL database querying for both locally served databases and ODBC Pathway client connections.

Zope Data Query Kit can be downloaded from here. Further details about the product can be found here.


Haqa's VC++ Tools

Compression, XML handling and some other functions used to be centralized in the HaqaTools library, which was required for the pre-alpha Windows components to run. The version of HaqaTools.dll used to compile a given release of the windows programs is included in each installer. This file is no longer used by ODBC Pathway but I've left it here incase anyone is interested.

If you wish to use HaqaTools.dll in your own programs, you can download the DLL, Link Library and C/C++ include files as a windows installer from the downloads page.

HaqaTools is not required for the PHP or Zope/Python clients.